February 24, 2009 at 1:27 pm (Uncategorized)


ever wondered how our future will be? everyone does right. we all have dreams and we expect it to be true.different people have different dreams.everyone wants to be a successful person and have a great life.some  just dreams to be a doctor and others wants to be an artist but all have something in common.achieve the best..the question though is how much we work for that.

but i remember when i was about 10 years old and don’t have a simple clue and neither what our teachers talking about word “ambitions” eventhough i heard lot often then.well like other kids i also told i wanted to be a doctor which i hardly remembers now.when we are growing up we don’t know what we are going to step into near future.

as far as my concern is, i want life that will give me hope to live and my children will be proud.simple right.not as simple as it heard.working towards the goal bring more hazards and obstacles.frustration and bored em.though i want it to happen so bad i wont give up soon enough.

we have seen many who is successful and others who is struggling, what is the difference between them. well lets say will power and  their luck.invisible hand of family does count lot of times and sometimes people come from sands to gold giving all energy.and also in contrast people does everything and yet dark shadow doesn’t leave them.but people keep on fighting.well that is called life.no matter how much we struggle have to fight till the day comes.

we never know how our future will be and how good or bad it will turn out but however what we can do is work hard.because i heard hard work alwways pays off.and most important always have faith in your god.


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